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From development to adoption best-practices, we’ve spent years researching the team collaboration market so your team can make decisions quickly, and with confidence.

A Changing World

Remote workers have become mission-critical in today’s climate, driving the need for new and innovative ways of deploying technology, but not all ‘new’ things are created equal.

Root of Collaboration was founded to help both vendors and adopters make sense of major market shifts within team communication and collaboration.



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Communication is unique; language, habits, and workflow vary from company to company, region to region, country to country. These differences are opportunities to strengthen a team when folded into a strategy.

It’s time to tear down the ‘information silos’ and ‘walled gardens’ seen across the industry. The adopters should be the decision makers and we provide the tools necessary for them to navigate a changing communication landscape.

How We Help

Through a combination of industry experience, in-house research and established analysts, we provide the insights to keep businesses ahead of the curve.

Market Research

Increase market understanding to strengthen strategic planning.

Market Sizing

Identify potential value and understand key challenges to success.


Proof of concept and prototype with best practices to reduce risk.

Onboarding & Adoption

Create user journeys to ensure a success deployment.

Feedback Loop

Take advantage of engagement to accelerate growth.

Digital & Creative

Trends have an impact, identify and implement changes to take advantage.

Daniel Root

After a progressive career within both hardware and software collaboration technologies, Dan founded Root of Collaboration in an effort to combat the information silos that are limiting the growth of organizations everywhere. To best serve clients, Dan brought together a network of experts from across the industry with one mission in mind; thoughtfully share the relevant experience and analysis we have to successfully guide organizations developing tools or adopting new strategies.

The Team

Our most important asset is, and always will be, our people. The network of freelance consultants, and agencies that make up our team have designed, built, and launched some of most disruptive collaboration technologies to date. Our experience, in conjunction with industry analysis, provides organizations the market insights to create successful collaboration strategies.


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